Unwind in our relaxation areas

So beneficial: Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin. Listen to the birds tweeting in the lush greenery roundabout and as you relax and unwind in the sunshine enjoy some delicious treats from our kitchen …

Enjoy sunshine-filled hours in the ****Hotel Königgut

Enjoy your holiday – on the terrace in the Hotel Königgut, where, when the weather is good, we set up a table for you beneath the lush, old established lime trees. Our garden provides another relaxation island, where you can read a book under the sunny yellow parasols, cool your feet in the sparkling cool waters of the fountain and even enjoy a sweet ice-cream.

Fresh air is just wonderful - we think the very same in the Hotel Königgut. Whether it is on our sun loungers right after a session in the heat of the sauna or a few invigorating deep breaths during a seminar break. For which we have specifically set up a terrace outside our conference rooms …

Out of the sauna and into the fresh air in the ****Hotel Königgut

Out of the sauna and into the fresh air … after the heat of the sauna area is something that is just superb, your respiratory tract cools naturally and you get to re-energise in the fresh air!<br/> Our visible terrace can be reached directly from the sauna. A set of steps takes you from the large garden, which has more areas to sit, to the terrace at the restaurant area too.

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