Time-honoured customs & traditions

Harvest festival & Rupertikirtag

Alpine cattle drive

The Alpine cattle drive is one of the key events of the harvest time. The cattle which were taken up to the Alpine pastures in the spring are brought back to the valley again. The leading cow is ornately decorated and leads the procession back home. This tradition has long been celebrated and has since that time more and more non-locals have been delighting in the Alpine cattle drive and its celebrations. This also includes the consumption of delicious regional food, folk music and enjoying a cosy time with other people.

Harvest thanks-giving festival

The fields, branches and trees are harvested and the foodstuffs are processed and stored. The harvest thanks-giving festival is held to give thanks for a productive year and as a positive way to complete the fruitful, abundant seasons. Christianity lead the way in this tradition, which is why in many towns there is a procession through the town after Sunday's church service. This is often accompanied by a local music group and decoratively gathered field crops, cereal garlands and fruit are presented.

Dirndl & Lederhose

Traditional clothing is another important milestone of the harvest festival – Dirndl and Lederhose. For many people these traditional costumes are regarded as part and parcel of the traditional celebrations. Which is why harvest festival in Salzburger Land is emphasised accordingly too. In Salzburger Land, as in many other parts of Austria, almost every valley has its own traditional costume. Anyone who knows about traditional costume can determine the origins of the wearer due to the embroidery, patterns and hidden messages on the different costumes.

Do you have your own traditional costume and want to wear it again? You will find an expedient moment to do just that at the many harvest festival celebrations in Salzburg. Look forward to being in the company of like-minded people.

Here are a few events where a Dirndl and Lederhose are suitable attire:

  • Lederhosen Thursday
  • Rupertikirtag Salzburg

Salzburg's Rupertikirtag

St. Rupert is the patron saint of Salzburg. He founded the St. Peter‘s Abbey in Salzburg. St. Peter's Abbey is set in the centre of Salzburg and is the oldest abbey in Austria. St. Rupert still keeps watch over Salzburg today, from the steps of the cathedral. The salt shaker in his hand is a striking symbol.

It is in his honour that Rupertikirtag is celebrated in Salzburg every year. This is accompanied by fairs, with lots of different attractions, on Domplatz and Residenzplatz. A highlight which all ages always look forward to.

Our holiday tip for your autumn break

Never been yet? Then this is our holiday tip for autumn and Late summer. The harvest festival is celebrated with a variety of different traditional festivals in over 72 towns throughout Salzburger Land.

Combine a city break in Salzburg with adventures in the natural surroundings and traditional-cultural events, such as the Alpine cattle drive, during harvest festival.

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